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About Us

The staff at RGCA are all chosen after much prayer and
consideration.  All of our staff are born-again Christians that love
the Lord.  Our staff meets every morning for prayer and Bible study.

2016-2020 Staff
Administrator Tammy McCanless
Preschool – Kelley Meyer
Preschool Lori Bowles
Lori Bowles
st and 2nd Grade – Amy McNary
rd and 4th Grade – Tabitha McDonald
5th & 6th Grade/Jr High English – Lola Rector

igh School English – Mark Stefan
Bible/Science/Spanish Aimee Cornforth
History/Activity Classes – Mary Craver

Foster Grandparent
– Doris Leach
Foster Grandparent – Doris Carver

Carri Ferguson
Church Secretary
– Sharon West
K-6th Chapel-Mike Craver
Jr High and High School Chapel – Daren Bowles

Jr High and High School Chapel Music – Tanner and Riley Schubert